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A hair-removal startup that lets women go for real beauty is launching on the scene

Next BigFuture is a hair-retention startup, one of several startups launching this year that aim to create a new market for people who want to go for an entirely different style of beauty.

The new company, which has a website, has raised $500,000 from investors including New York-based Sequoia Capital and San Francisco-based VC firm Andreessen Horowitz.

It’s one of many startups targeting women, according to Next Big Futures, a company that counts The Hair Revolution as a member.

It has already hired five women, including a senior editor and a marketing and media relations representative.

Its new product, called Tidal, is the product of an 18-month brainstorming process that involved talking to women in their 20s about their personal grooming preferences and how they thought their hair could look, according the company.

The company, founded by former fashion designer and fashion industry executive Nicole Boudreau, uses the power of technology to let women see their own natural hair, including those with frizzy or curly hair.

Its products include an app for women to see their hair from any angle, and a product that allows women to change the length of their locks, said cofounder and CEO Nicole Boushie.

“What we’ve seen is people looking at the natural hair they have and saying, ‘This is the look I want,'” Boudette told Next Big.

“So I think we’re trying to bridge that gap.”

The founders hope Tidal will give women an alternative to products that require them to spend a lot of money.

In some ways, it’s a little like the hair industry’s own alternative to waxing and styling.

They believe Tidal can bring a fresh approach to hair care and hair loss.

Tidal, like other hair products, comes with a $100 value for women.

It also comes with an “Ask Me Anything” on the Next Big Forums that allows users to ask questions about the product.

The first woman who answers questions on the forum wins a pair of a Tidal-branded earrings.

The founders have a different take on beauty.

They are focused on the experience of looking good, not the products, said Boudiere.

Boudée said she hopes Tidal “can make a difference in how people look” and make her “a more empowered woman.”

She’s also aiming for women with long, curly hair, as a way to keep it natural.

They said the hair product was inspired by the idea of “natural hair.”

“We’ve never really focused on hair that was really natural,” said Bousher.

“We’ve just been focused on natural hair that is really appealing.”

Tidal’s founders said they want to make women feel like they have control over their appearance.

The Tidal product costs $149 for a pair and includes an app to let users customize their hair.

Bousheys products are sold at Sephora and other beauty and fashion retailers.

Next Big Future has also raised $100,000 in Series A funding, and is seeking investors.

It plans to have an office in San Francisco and is looking for people with experience in product design, engineering and marketing.

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