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The Price of Hair Transplantation is $8,000

You’ve probably heard about the cost of hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplants are an expensive procedure, but that’s no surprise.

Hair transplantation is an irreversible procedure that can cause serious problems for the patient.

According to the National Hair Institute, there are around 3,000 hair transplant surgeries a year.

The average time to recovery is between 3 to 5 years.

In some cases, the hair transplant has to be cut off because of complications such as infection or bleeding.

Here’s how the procedure works: First, a patient’s hair follicles are harvested.

Then, the patient is placed on a bed, usually with a mesh covering to prevent the hair from being removed.

The mesh is then attached to a plastic head covering.

The head cover is usually made of foam or polyurethane.

When the patient gets to the end of the plastic head cover, they are put into a head tube and the hair is cut.

The patient then has to wait another three to five days before being able to see their new hair.

Hair follicles may be harvested from a patient at least six to 12 months before transplanting them to a new scalp.

Once the hair has been harvested, the cells are placed in a medium called micro-fibers that are placed under anesthesia.

Then a gel is applied to the hair to keep it soft.

The gel is then applied to a special head covering called a “hair patch.”

The hair patch is attached to the patient’s scalp by a metal rod.

When a patient is ready to begin the procedure, they have to remove their head cover and cut off the mesh and gel.

The surgeon removes the hair patch and the patient then begins the hair regrowth process.

The surgery can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks.

A new scalp is formed with the hair follicle cells and hair gel.

Once all the hair cells are attached to each other, the gel is left on the scalp for about 30 minutes.

After about three weeks, the entire scalp is shaved and then the hair patches are put back on.

After the procedure is done, the remaining hair cells will be cut and transplanted into the patient as normal.

The procedure is not recommended for those with compromised hair function.

According the National Academy of Hair, there have been two reported cases of hair transplants causing infections.

There is no cure for hair transplantation, but some patients who have undergone hair transplant have recovered from infection.

According one of the patients, the infection went away after a few months of treatment.

Hair has been considered the perfect material for hair transplant surgery because it’s resilient and does not need to be washed, combed, or bleached.

However, the process of hair removal can be painful and can cause scarring.

According an American Association of Hairdressers and Optometrists survey of hair surgeons, about 90 percent of those surveyed felt the procedure was too painful.

Many of the surgeons surveyed said the hair was too soft and it needed to be trimmed, and some also said it was too messy to remove.

In a 2012 survey by the American Academy of Dermatologists, about 80 percent of the hair surgeons surveyed agreed that the removal process was too invasive.

A 2013 survey by American Hairdresser and Optometric, however, found that only 23 percent of hair care professionals surveyed believed that the procedure for hair grafting could be safely performed.

The American Academy also found that more than half of those who had undergone hair graft surgery said that the surgery had resulted in side effects such as hair loss.

But, most of the time, patients don’t have to worry about any complications.

Hair grafting is the second most common procedure performed after scalp transplants.

About 10 percent of transplanted hair is used to create new scalp hair.

The most common side effects of hair grafts are hair loss, dryness and inflammation, and even hair loss can cause dryness.

In the United States, there were more than 8,600,000 transplanted scalp hair in 2015, according to the American Association for Hairdressing and Optometry.

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