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How to wear your hair with a wig

In this article we’ll cover some basic rules about the best ways to wear a wig in Italy.

We’ll also discuss how to tie it into your hair. 


Do not wear your wig in the shower If you’re going to use a shampoo to wash your hair, don’t be a prude about it!

A lot of women wear their hair in the tub, which is why many of us have to remove it.

You might also need to cover your ears if you’re wearing a wig.

Do you wear a hat?



Do your hair in one piece If you do, you will be doing yourself and your hair a favour, as your hair will be kept separate from your scalp.

This is a big no-no if you have hair that you’ll need to cut to make your hair look professional.


If you have a beard, keep it as a separate item.

A beard should be kept out of sight and therefore you will need to wear it as an accessory rather than as part of your hairpiece.

This will ensure that you have something to look at while you’re out and about, and will also keep your hair from looking too messy or greasy.


Wear a wig when you are not in a salon This is the most important thing to remember when it comes to wearing a hairpiece, especially in Italy, where you’ll be wearing it on a daily basis.

Hairpieces are meant to cover up hair and so if you are in a public place where you won’t be alone with your hair all day long, then you should wear a hair wig.


Don’t wear a comb or a towel This is an issue you’ll encounter more often in the States.

In Italy, it’s a bit different.

The only way to do this is to put a comb in the back of your head, which will also help to keep your head clean.

It’s best to use one that has a removable hair clip. 


Avoid going out with a haircut, if you don’t want to make a mess of your scalp and break your hair One of the most common complaints we get about wearing a beard or a wig is the hassle of making a mess.

The answer is to not wear a haircut.

If your hair needs to be trimmed or if you want to be more discreet, then it’s ok to not have a haircut because you will still have your hair at the back.


When to wear one?

If you are a man, you should use a wig and not a comb.

Women, on the other hand, should use only a towel, as this will help to avoid your hair being in the way of your face.


When not to wear hairpieces It’s important to keep in mind that wearing a head covering when you’re not at home is not the best idea.

A head cover can be a bad thing if you need to use the bathroom or take a shower, for example. 


Wear it with a scarf or cap Some people use a hat or cap to cover their hairpiece so they don’t have to use it when they’re out in public.

Others prefer to wear them in a separate part of their hair.

This way, they can keep their hair separate from their scalp and keep it from looking greasy or messy.

If that’s your style, then don’t worry, you’re in luck.


Do hair extensions When you wear your beard, the way you put your hair on your head is the same as the way it should be when you wear an extension.

Do that by using the same method you use when you put on a hat.

If it’s really windy, wear a long piece of fabric with your bangs and bangs should be curled around your face, rather than straight up, like a hat would.


Don´t wear your face with a headpiece If you wear the headpiece to cover a face that is not your own, then this can be considered rude and you will not be able to keep it in the same place as you would if you were to wear an ordinary hat.

But, if your face is not covered, you can wear your headpiece in any place you’d like.

If this is the case, the headgear will need some support to keep you secure.


If the head piece is too big, use a hair brush to get it on the hairpieces When you’re using a wig or a beard hairpiece to get your hair into a good shape, it is always a good idea to do your hair first and then the hairpiece on your face when you need it to look professional, as the wig will be too big for you to put it on.

This can be especially true if you use a head wig or beard to give yourself a more professional look.


Do a quick hair check Before you go out and buy a new hairstyle, it´s a good time to check if

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