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How to keep your hair in place and look younger


Clean your hair.

It’s important to keep the dirt off your scalp, especially your hair follicles.

A hair dryer is a great way to do this.2.

Use a hair stylist.

This can be tricky.

It depends on your needs and preferences.3.

Use products with moisturising ingredients.

Many of these have a moisturising component, which can help prevent hair loss and condition.4.

Make sure you’re using products that contain a vitamin C serum, vitamin E and other natural products.5.

Use hair products that are hygienic and safe.6.

Keep your hair dry with a hair conditioner and moisturiser.


Use natural hair products, such as a conditioner, conditioner gel, conditioners and conditioner cream.8.

Keep a hair brush handy to keep a touch of moisture and shine.9.

Use styling products that provide control over the frizz.10.

Wash your hair regularly.

If you have hair that has been treated with a condition or conditioner that has not been washed properly, this can cause the hair to lose its natural shine and shape.11.

Keep it moisturised.

Dry hair has a tendency to get clumpy, so moisturise with a moisturiser if it’s not already.12.

Wash and condition with a natural hair product and shampoo.13.

Try natural hair care products, including conditioners, hair care, styling products and hair shampoo.14.

Try hair dye if you have any colour variations in your hair colour.15.

Try an oil-free hair care product.

What we know so far about the Florida shooting

The Orlando police department has identified the shooter as 29-year-old Matthew Joseph Scott, who has been charged with first-degree murder.

Scott was the shooter in the July 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting, which left 49 people dead.

He was also charged in a 2016 stabbing of an Orlando man, according to Orlando police.

Scott was released from prison in September 2018.

Police also identified the man who was killed as 37-year, former U.S. Marine Lance Cpl.

Timothy Lane.

He served in Afghanistan in 2010 and 2012, according a U.K. Defense Ministry news release.

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