Which is better for you? A quick poll: Frizzy hair or thick black hair

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The latest polls show that Americans are getting increasingly obsessed with frizzy and thick black curls.

The two trends are on the rise.

Frizzy and thin black hair are popular choices in the U.S. today, but it seems like the trend is getting lost among the general population.

And with thin black being more popular in the West, that might be just what we need to change our ways.

Trends in hair and style The trend has been on the increase in recent years.

The popularity of thick black has been steadily growing for decades.

The trend is often referred to as frizzy black.

In the past, people would dye their hair black or use thick black to accentuate their curls.

Now, thicker black is being seen in the trendy trendier styles, such as black-on-black, blond-on.

Both styles are now seen as more acceptable for women.

Fruitier styles such as auburn, which is a dark brown hair color, are also gaining popularity, as is thicker black.

According to the Hair & Makeup Trends Survey, the trend of thin black and frizzies has grown from 4% of respondents in 2006 to 6% in 2018.

The survey also found that thin black is more popular than frizzys, and that thinner black hair is more common among the millennial generation.

Tiffany Lopes of the Black and White Foundation said thin black was the most popular style among people in their 20s.

“It’s a trend that’s been around for a while, but I think people have started noticing the popularity of it,” Lopes said.

I think it’s definitely becoming more mainstream.

Lopes added that thin hair was becoming more acceptable.

She said that thinner hair is popular with younger people because it is a more feminine look and they also think that thicker black looks better.

Thick black and thick hair have been around since the 1960s.

But people are getting tired of the frizziness and thick, curly hair, Lopes explained.

“It really is becoming a trend for people,” she said.

The trend has caught on because of the trendier style of black-and-white makeup, which was originally designed for women with frizz.

Lopes, who is the co-founder of the hair-care brand BABYBOOST, said thin and thick look more like people than past years.

“I think a lot of people are finally starting to get the idea that it’s time for a new style,” Lope said.

She added that thinner and thick can be seen in women of all races.

While thinner black and thicker black are on trend, there are some who prefer thicker black and thinner black.

For the average American, thick black and thin hair are both considered a trendy style.

That is because they are more common in younger women.

The thin black trend has picked up a lot over the last year, but thinner black is still more popular among women, according to a survey by the hair and makeup company NUDE.

However, the thick black trend is gaining steam, especially among young people.

There are people who say the trend has changed over the years.

In the survey, the majority of people said that thin and thicker hair are still more acceptable, Lope added.

This trend is now gaining popularity among younger people, and some people have even started to dye their locks to look more “natural.” 

“I would say that thinner is still the way to go for a woman, especially in this day and age, but thicker is definitely a good option for a guy,” Lottes said.

I think we’re going to see thicker black be more popular. 

“But I would definitely encourage the thin black person to just try the thicker black option if they want to have a more natural look,” Lones said.

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