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When I first moved to the United States from England in 2009, I was very much into fashion and I thought I could be a model.

But I didn’t want to be one.

I wanted to be a designer.

So when I got to my first interview, I said, “I’m going to wear a wig.”

My agent and a few people said, [to] be honest, “What?”

I was like, “Well, what do you want?”

I didn.

I said I’d go to a studio and put on a wig.

I went to the studio and had a wig made, and it was so fun, because it was my first wig, and I was so excited.

But the wig wasn’t the best, and after a few weeks I got sick.

I didn- it wasn’t going to work.

I started to cry, and my agent said, I’m sorry, I know how you feel.

I don’t want you to cry.

I’m going out of here.

I wasn’t even a model at that point.

I was a teacher.

And then one day, I came back and there was an interview and I had no idea what to wear, so I had to wear my wig.

And it was awesome.

The wig was amazing, and when I was going to the interview, it was like I was wearing a mask.

I felt so powerful and sexy, but I couldn’t get my wig out because it just wasn’t working.

And I thought, This is what I wanted: to be comfortable and to be seen.

I still feel like I’m not comfortable with the wig.

Now I wear a makeup that’s not comfortable.

I like my hair longer and darker.

But when I did the interview and they said, You have a hair color and a hair style, I thought it was cool.

I liked my hair and I liked the wig, but they didn’t know what to say.

I thought they wanted me to be white and I wanted a wig, so they went for the wig again.

Then I got a job at a hair salon.

It’s a really cool place, and people were really nice.

And that wig was perfect.

So I just kept going, and this year I have been wearing the wig all the time.

And now I’m a big fan.

I think I have the best wig of my life.

The only problem is that I’m bald.

So it takes me a lot of time to get the hair straight, and then it’s all messed up.

When I get dressed up and get on a plane, it’s like a big drag race.

I can’t keep up with my hair.

I have to have a haircut every time I get out of the airport.

It sucks.

I just have to put on my wig every day, and the wig gets ruined all the different times I wear it.

So then I had a really hard time getting a hair cut when I first came here.

And so I just went to a hair studio.

And they said to me, “You can get a haircut today,” and I said okay.

And when I went, I got the haircut.

And my hair is so long, but it’s not long enough for my face.

I wear two hats: a wig and a wig plus a wig that’s long enough to cover my face, and they cut my hair with a straight razor, and so that’s the hat I wear.

So now I look so much better.

I haven’t had a haircut in a while, because I get tired.

So my hair has grown a lot, and now I have a longer, fuller, fuller beard.

So, yeah, I feel like the wig was awesome, and a lot more than just a wig!

But I still think the wig is a little weird.

I’ve had a few customers come up to me and say, “Can you give me a wig?

I really like the look of it.”

I say, Sure.

I’ll just put on the wig and let you choose.

It was so cool to see people look at the wig for the first time.

So yeah, the wig has a lot to do with how I look now.

It doesn’t make me more of a celebrity, but when I go on stage, people come up and say hello.

I see people in the crowd who are like, [I’m] just glad you have a wig because I don and can’t stand it.

And some people come over and shake my hand.

They’re really nice, and that’s nice.

It gives me an extra boost.

I love that.

And the wig makes me feel really good about my face and I have so many people I see who look really good.

I guess I’m lucky because I’ve got my own website, and everyone loves my hair, and most people in my Instagram are really nice about my wig and my hairstyle.

I am a little bit obsessed

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